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About was conceived in April 2009 by creator and founder, K.C. Gathman. It is headquartered in Chicago, IL, and has users from coast to coast. It aims to shatter the mundane baby and bridal shower routine of guests being polite to cover up their boredom. Gift Registry Bingo is the up and coming trend in shower entertainment because it makes the gift opening portion of the shower fun for all the guests (instead of just the guest of honor)!

About K.C. Gathman: K.C. Gathman is a Chicago area native. She holds a B.A. in Marketing and minors in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship from Indiana University. Akin to Katherine Heigl's character in the movie "27 Dresses", she has personally attended 19+ showers in the last 3 years. She decided to hand-code on her own when she wanted to create the game for her sister's wedding shower, but discovered that no other website offered the personalization and functionality she desired. Being a user herself, she knows other women will benefit from a low cost, fast, and simple shower bingo creator.

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