Personalized Gift Registry Bingo

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1. What size are the boards?
Boards are designed to print on 8.5" x 11" (normal US size) paper. There is 1 board per sheet. However, if you would like to print multiple boards on one page, depending on your version of Adobe Reader, you can likely select this in the Print menu by clicking the "multiple" button and choosing "2 x 1" or "2 x 2".

2. I accidentally closed the window, and now I've lost my design.
You can log in to you account to retrieve your design. If you did you create an account, contact us with your Design ID or the date you created the design and your Guest of Honor's name, and we can retrieve it for you.

3. I paid, but I am unable to print immediately. Can I print the boards later?
Yes. You can log in to your account, and click "continue printing" for 30 days after you have paid. Alternately, you can save the PDFs to your desktop or a flash drive, so that you may print them at a later time.

4. I paid, but for some reason, I am unable to generate or print my boards.
We apologize if you experience any difficulty. Most often, if you simply close the window, then open a new window (or perhaps even try a new browser), it will reset itself and correct any issue. Simply, go to then click "continue printing". This should resolve your error, but if for any reason your problems persist, just contact us and tell us your design ID and how many boards you need, and we'll email you the PDFs directly.

5. I have paid, and I am printing the boards, but now I see a mistake, and I would like to edit my boards.
No problem, log in to your account and click "Make Changes" next to your desired Design ID. Once you have made your changes, and you reach back to the payment page, click "My account" again, and this time click "Continue Printing".

6. What is the maximum number of unique boards that can be created?
If you entered the minimum 24 gifts, there are up to 300 unique random combinations that can be made. If you entered the max 30 gifts, there are up to 465 unique random combinations that can be made. However, if you have more than 30 gifts, you may opt to purchase a second board with different gifts in order create more combinations.

7. How much does 1 Gift Registry Bingo game cost?
If you use promo code HALFOFF, it is $9.99 to print unlimited unique randomized boards.

8. Will each board be unique and shuffled?
Yes, once you pay, you will be able to generate unlimited boards. Each board will have the gifts shuffled and will be unique from the others.

9. What should I use for bingo markers?
Pens and Stamps work well to mark off bingo squares, but we love the idea of using candy (Package of Smarties, Hershey Kisses, Jelly Beans, etc.) as well.

You may always contact us with any additional questions

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