Tired of faking oohs and ahhs over towels and tupperware sets?
Make gift opening fun for everyone (instead of just the Baby
or Bridal Shower Guest of Honor) with Gift Registry Bingo!
Example Bridal Bingo or Baby Bingo Game
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How to play Shower Bingo
The object of this game is for baby shower or wedding shower guests to match the gifts opened by the Guest of Honor to the items listed on their bingo playing cards. Our bingo card generator automatically creates an all unique set of personalized bingo playing cards using the gifts you enter from the Guest of Honor's registry. Shower Bingo (often called "Bridal Bingo" or "Baby Bingo" is the newest trend in bridal shower games and baby shower games because it makes gift opening interactive!

How to make this shower game!
1. Choose your graphics for the Main Picture and Free Space Picture.
2. Enter the Baby Shower or Wedding Shower Guest of Honor's Name and select the Occasion.
3. Choose a border color and tile pattern.
4. Enter gifts from the Guest of Honor's registry. (Enter gifts that have already been purchased to guarantee they will be present at the event.)